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How To Catch Redfish!

Louis Bienvenu Jr. (15) With his first Big Redfish!

(Algae Covered NMFS Tag Hanging From Side)

Fourchon Public Beach, Louisiana

Greg ([email protected]) wrote:

Hi, saw the pics of the large Redfish caught on 5/2. Since I’m from California, I’m not familiar with these fish. Are they common? How big
do they grow? What do you use for bait and what kind of tackle does it take to catch one. Fill me in on the details- out here on the West
Coast, we don’t have anything that we could catch surf fishing which is that big!

Hi! Greg!!

The big redfish are only common if you know how to get them! :):) They are around here all year long, the best time is winter here, but,
I still get them year round!! Some of the boat fishermen get the smaller ones in bays
and small lakes in the marsh. I get the big ones past the second sandbar off the beach, you need a 12-18 ft surf rod with a 6 oz Spider sinker
for the sandy bottom, the spider sinker digs in the sand like an anchor to
keep the bait from rolling down the beach and across other lines!(You can also use pyramid sinkers, storm sinkers, sputniks, etc. with the wires sticking out to
dig in the bottom) These big reds average between 25-40 pounds!! They are really a nice ride.(Endorphin)! Many people see the
photos and are amazed!! They don’t get them from their expensive fishing boat rigs!!

I have 400 yards of 30 pound test Monofilament with a 8-10 ft piece of 65 pound test casting leader tied to the 30 pound test with a uni-knot. The
knot has to go through the guides OK. I also wrap my index finger that I hold the line with, with a double wrap of ducktape. With all the weight
and load when casting the (space shutle dental floss) line will slice your finger. (soggy skin) The casting leader has a few wraps of the heavy
line around the spinning reel when making a cast with a lot of weight on the end. I use a piece of cut mullet (fresh caught with my castnet) about 4 inches long.

Just the meat part with scales and all. I make my own leader rig. It is a 30 inch piece of nylon coated 135 pound
test 7 strand leader material. It is a straight line to the #2 swivel with a 7/0 Eagle Claw gold plated offset plain steel hook. (not stainless),
(offset to bend the mullet on lengthwise) “important step” when they pick it up you seldom miss getting hooked up).

This is the rig that I make. It has a 6oz Spider Sinker on one end.

It all stays in a straight line to help get better casting distance. I use a pendelum type cast where you let the terminal
tackle with bait hang down a few feet and get it swinging to preload the rod and then load the rod hard when you follow through. You use the
spring action of the rod to get the distance. The rods are fairly stiff compared to conventional rods. If you just let the tackle
hang down with the rod back to a horizontal position, then really load it up as you swing it over and forward and down you can get very good
distance easily like that! I usually go out in the water to about waist deep and then let it fly. You can get some big reds close to the beach, but not
that often. The distance is the key, the farther out the better. People in boats pull up and fish too close to the beach for these big fish!

My big fish baits are in the 3rd trough past the second sandbar.(I cast from the deep side of the first sandbar)
You can see these sandbars by reading the waves. The white tops roll over and the waves break on the bars. If the water visability is good,
light blue to sandy emerald green, then you can see the brownish looking sandbars through the water. Blublockers or polaroids help greatly. You can also get huge black drum the same way with the same rigs and baits. Also Blacktip Sharks (Delicious Grilled) and Sand & Tope Sharks (don’t eat), and maybe a surprise
now and then. (Huge Stingrays, Hammerheads, Freight Trains etc).
Hope You Get Some Big Fish!
Fish Forever,


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