New Orleans Louisiana Air Show 2002

NAS New Orleans, La. Air Show 2002 Page Two:

Saturday was off and on rain, so we went Sunday and got lucky for 4 hours. It rained Sunday morning and we went in the break in the weather near noon, as we rode the shuttle bus back to our truck after the show it started raining again. Perfect timing.

AV-8B Harrier doing a vertical landing.

The vertical take off and landing: AV-8B Harrier

Heading for the start of the race with the Oreck stunt plane.

It appears above that: “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” : ) wanted to get toasted on this pass? I think they are actually there to put the grass fires out……and perhaps each other! : )

The dual jet engine fire truck won the drag race with the airplane.

The Oracle Bi-plane pilot clipped three of these banners with his wings. He has rotated 90? after cutting banner #3 in this image!

The Blue Angel C-130 Support plane on the short runway solid fuel take off bottles.

Take off and climb like a homesick angel…………….

The Navy Blue Angels on opening take off.

Hornet going vertical display.

Two aircraft above!

Quick Time Air Show Movie Clip:

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NAS 1998 Air Show Photos: Page 1

All Photos Copyright 2002 By: Bob Bertaut Sr.

gold, prospecting, sluice, dry washing, mining, mossing, dry washers

A Recirculating Sluice For Gold.I drilled a 2 1/2 in hole in the tub for an elbow.I inserted this elbow and glued the fitting in with the glue shown.I bought two 500 gpm pumps, mounted them on an old aluminum pot that I drilled full of holes, and on the sides.It goes to the bottom of the bucket. venta de maquillaje caballito . vivero delivery . They pump great with standard 3/4 inch heater hose!This keeps them out of the sludge at the bottom.It is smooth on the inside of the hoses, the bilge pump hoses did not work at all,they eat up the flow because of all the ridges in the hoses!RULE 500 GPH BOAT BILGE PUMPS – 3/4″DISCHARGE – 12VDC $22.95 each.The ten inch pipe nipple was $1.20.The 2 inch elbow and the fitting I glued into it was $2.40.The can of glue was $4.20.The 3/4 inch heater hose was .98 cents per foot at the auto parts. 5 ft.I had the Keene sluice, the battery, the pot, the screen, and the tub!I also used “Clay Gone” $8.95 per bottle, it works great!$67.65 total price.You can view it in action here: Gold Recirculating Sluice!With the pumps in the bottom of the bucket, I have a piece of window screen over the returning water,it stops all of the trash clogging up the pumps!This is a 12 volt dc motorcycle battery.This is a ten inch 1/2 inch pipe nipple I drilled full of 5/16″ holes.This is the bucket of concentrates I brought back from Arizona to New Orleans, La.This is the gold I got from the bucket!!!! I got several nice pickers too!!!!!!

National Parks, Barataria Unit, Louisiana, Geocache. geocaching, treasure, Wildlife Habitat, Recreation and Parks

Jean Lafitte National Park

Barataria Unit: Crown Point, Louisiana

These are various photos taken while Mountain Biking and Hiking on our own course through and around Jean Lafitte National Park! They have no official bike trails and they are NOT permited inside on park hiking trails! Click on the map at the bottom to see a large map of the Historical Park, Barataria Unit.

Welcome Sign

Great Blue Heron / White Egret


Largemouth Bass

Cottonmouth (Poisonous)

Blue Runner

Marsh Grasshoppers

Honey Bee/Pollen

Loggerhead/Snapping Turtle

Green Turtle



Click on park map to view large image!

More Barataria Park Images: Click Here!

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Spanish Moss Covered Oaks Image For: Veronique

GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Modification Photo Gallery Number 2 by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Engine Photo Gallery 2

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

1150 Pro Motor I assembled for a customer in Curacao, NA while staying in the islands with my drag bike for a race. I also raced at a drag strip in Aruba.

I wanted a 1 7/8 inch primary pipe 4 into 1 so I had to build it myself!

Aluminum cam shift drum actuator I made from a GS1100 Valve Cover Tachometer Drive Housing. It has an o-ring groove machined in it already.

GS1000 Katana 14 amp charging system rotor and stator windings on the left in this photo. Much better for crank end, starter clutch life, and a quicker reving motor than the big heavy 18 amp stock Alternator.

Removing this cast webing from the bottom of GS 16 valve cases allows bent shift forks to be changed between rounds, it eliminates removing motors and splitting cases. It is called a “Trap Door” modification.

Rear facing oil pickups and 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th shift forks easily accessible through trap door modification.

12 Oversize 8mm crankcase studs strenghten the bottom end down the centerline of the crank, as do the 12 10mm oversize cylinder and head top end studs.

3 clamps are used to compress the Belville washer when installing a HD clutch backing plate and primary spring kit. All 3 stainless rivets are tack welded and then the clamps are removed for final welding.

I made a 650 cc kit for this GS550 with CB 750 Honda sleeves, 650 kaw pistons and a sectioned GS750 head gasket. Smaller motors have a higher pitched exhaust so I built a special hand switched exhaust baffle lever assembly.

3 Air Shifters, every time you shift a bike with a push button air shifter you put a few bike lengths on the opponent without one.

Excellent white one sided cardboard for air box templates etc. is available on election nights!

GS Camshaft Specifications

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Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure, Treasure Hunting, GPS, Prospecting, & Map Links

Win A Yamaha ” Street Tracker: Click Here!

GPS Cache Links:

Louisiana Buried Treasure: Pearl II

Louisiana’s First GPS Caches

Treasure Hunting Links:

Toms Treasures

Mel Fisher Treasure Site

Reilly’s Treasured Gold Inc. / Forums & More

Southwestern Treasures

Treasure Hunting America

No Quarter Given Swashbucklers

Lost Treasure Online

Western & Eastern Treasures

Old Bottles & Sunken Treasure

Metal Detecting Found Coins, Jewelry & Detector Photos

New Orleans, Louisiana City Park Metal Detecting Treasures

Boy Scout Island Treasure Surprise: Girls!

Ghost Towns Web Site

Messages In Bottles / Balloon Launch Messages

KELLYCO Metal Detector Distributors

Bill and Bess Popes Metal Detecting Treasures

Discover Treasure At The Gold Ledge

Boomtowns and Relic Hunters

Bullet Mans Metal Detecting Finds

Spanish Main Treasure Company

Map Links:

Historical Maps of the United States

Terra Server / Aerial Photos & Satellite Images

National Forest & National Grasslands Maps

Gold Prospecting Links:

Georgia Gold Prospectors Association

Build a Rock Crusher for Panning Gold Ore Samples for $10.00

Tom Ashworth’s Prospectors Cache

We Prospect Quartsite, Arizona near “The Main Event”

We Prospect in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

We Prospect In Dahlonega, Georgia

We Prospect In Canyonlands / Moab Utah

Gold & Treasure Hunter

The Golden Optimist

US Geological Survey Site

International California Mining Journal

Richard of Key West Prospecting Site

Gold, Mercury, Quartz, and Pyrite Photos

BLM Mining Claims “How To Claim A Mine”

Peacocks Den “Our Little Gold Claim”

Discover Treasure At The Gold Ledge

Ghost Towns Web Site

KELLYCO Metal Detector Distributors

Current Gold Metals Spot Pricing:



1 Wings Cigarettes 1942 Wartime Aircraft Card Insert Collection

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Historic Route 66 The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA

Historic Route 66

The Mother Road – US 66

Page One

Americas Main Street US 66 passes through 8 States and covers 2,400 miles.

Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California

See our visit to Missouri: The Gateway To The West Click Here!

Driving west from New Orleans this trip, we access The Mother Road centrally where east and west meet at Oklahoma City. There are several Route 66 Museums in Oklahoma alone west of OK city. (Elk City and Clinton). Historic Route 66 is located in many segments called alignments. Most of Americas main street road sections run parallel north and south of Interstate 40, and actually is I-40 in many sections.

Oklahoma City, OK. from Interstate 40 West.

We began this Route US 66 cruise west of Oklahoma City above near Yukon, OK. Hometown of popular country and western singer Garth Brooks.

We stopped at the Yukon, OK. Army surplus store on route 66 (image below) and got Bobby Jr. a small military prospecting pick and shovel for an Arizona adventure later this trip. Come back later or Click Here to visit the surplus store.

The Beautiful Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK.

Part of a massive T Shirt display at the Clinton US66 Museum.

Many rooms of history, artifacts and images in this museum. And a movie too!

Some of the many Route 66 items for sale in the Clinton Museum. 580-323-7866

The elaborate National Route 66 Museum in Elk City, OK. covers a whole block. The entrance is to the left of the hotel above and to the left of the saloon at the trading post below.

Many fine period displays in this massive museum and route 66 town covering a whole city block.

Another section at this museum.

2 seat outhouse / privy for surprise images! : )

Leaning tower is an eyecather / logo for the Tower truck and auto center at this exit.

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GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Modification Gallery by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Engine Photo Galleryby Bob Bertaut RacingLightened Rotor (charging system)Knife Edge Lightened GS1100 Crank With Katana RodsPro Ported GS1150 Intake PortView From Cumbustion ChamberGS1100 Pro Head #228 with GS1000 7mm Titanium ValvesGS1000 (2valve) intake guides I modified and installedPro Race Only Epoxy Filled Intake Port. comprar arboles . panasonic powertools . Port retains the Pro “D” shape and is made smaller, flow remains near the same (over 130CFM at 10 inches of water) but the velocity goes to the moon! You then adjust camshaft timing to take advantage of this ram tuning by spreading the lobe centers apart more. 113-116 degrees! These engines get over 100% volumetric efficiency. The flat port floor gives the port short side radius more area and it thinks it is as long as the long side. Flow and velocity go straight up.Angle Milling a GS1150 Cylinder HeadIgnition I made for a 1425cc street bike. Pushing the red lever forward retards the slotted ignition timing plate 20 degrees for starting. When the motor starts you pull it back and it snaps into the notch in the top ignition cover photo. Shouldered allen mounting bolts and springs hold the plate against the cases.38+ mm Pro Mikuni Dirt Bike Carbs, I epoxied the orifices in the intake venturi to help the flow and just drilled holes to get air from the outside of the intake bells.Additional manometers on wall are for velocity measurements.Flat Slide Mikuni Race carbs first appeared on the production RM series Suzuki dirt bikes. I had a set as soon as the part number was available from Suzuki. These I moved the fuel inlets on.GSXR Head with 5mm GS 1100 Bronze Valve Guides and Oversize Titanium Valves and Retainers set up for a GS1100 engine.Above Pro GSXR head Installed on a GS1100 Engine.More Engine Modification PhotosGS 16V Camshaft SpecificationsReturn To: Bertaut Racing Page 1Go To: GS Motorcycle Photos

Bassmaster Fishing Tournament in Bayou Segnette State Park, Westwego, Louisiana

Bayou Segnette Bassmaster Fishing Tournament October 1998Bayou Segnette is a State Park located in Westwego, Louisiana just across the Mississippi River and a few miles from New Orleans. I took these photos today, Friday 10-16-98. This huge wooded Cypress Park and Wetlands is located only 1.8 miles from the Bertaut Sports Office! Almost every pair of anglers (Pro with new Partner) that came to the weigh-in stage stated they got 50-80 keeper fish over the 12 inch minimum today alone. The officials record the top 5 fish total weight, and they also weigh big individual fish. Then the kids in the yellow hats run across the grass to the bayou with the baskets of live and flapping fish to the release vessel that has 5 live-well holding tanks. It departs and they release the fish back in different spots over the entire area. The big fish for today was caught by Mr. Gary Alverson, it weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces! Big fish #2 was 4 pounds 13 ounces, and big fish #3 was also caught by a smiling Mr. Alverson at 4 pounds 7 ounces. The fish are in the photos below. translation . Mr. Kenyon Hill is the tournament leader with a 14 pound 7 ounce total today that gives him a 48 pound 6 ounce tournament total so far! Final day updated tomorrow! **UPDATE** Kenyon Hill won his first Bassmaster Title and $100,000 in the K-Mart Top 150 Tournament Today 10-17-98!The Crowd arrives for the 3:00 pm daily weigh-in!The yellow hatted live fish return runners and less than half of the large local crowd that just kept coming!Anticipation is high as Bass Pro’s begin to line up with bags of live fish!Mr. Gary Alversons live 4 pound, 14 ounce Largemouth Bass!Another 4 pound 7 ounce beauty!The biggest fish was removed from the remaining 4 nice fish in this basket, all are released.Daily results are posted on the board by angler and state!The live well Bass release boat with fish delivery kids coming and going!Return To: Louisiana Fishing Magazine

The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

The Mother Road – US 66

Page Two

US 66 is 2,400 miles long from Lake Michigan to The Pacific Ocean.

Shamrock, TX. Edsel and Old Route 66 Motel.

The You Drop In Cafe on US66 in Shamrock, Texas

These vehicles are in Shamrock, Texas too.

This is on an alignment of Route 66 in Groom, Texas. (The office above, rooms below)

Old Court Motel rooms.

Massive new landmark near Groom, Texas located on I-40 as seen from nearby Route 66. Said to be the largest cross in the world.

The Caddilac Ranch just west of Amarrilo Texas on I-40 / Route 66

We rode our city / mountain bike hybrids out to see the 10 impressive Cadillacs.

One of several wild Coyote’s we saw on this trip in New Mexico and Arizona.

Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico.

Historic newspapers in ancient lava rock flows.

The famous and preserved Rio Puerco US66 Bridge in New Mexico.

Nothing welded here, heavy steel, fitted drilled holes and massive rivets. Art work really.

Cruising on I 40 / US66 in New Mexico.

We chase the sun west into the night.

Our route goes to Gallup, NM. and a DETOUR off route 66 up Hwy 666 North through Indian reservations to the four corners monument. Then on to a wilderness adventure DETOUR through Canyonlands National Park to the Lake Powell recreation area in Utah. Rough country here. Then on up to the long Interstate 70 west and back down to Las Vegas , Nevada on I-15 to see the Hand Of Faith the worlds largest gold nugget. We also abandon the sandwiches and hit a Fremont Street buffet. Then back to Route 66 crossing Hoover dam, and a visit to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. We do some recreational prospecting out of public parks, and bring a few buckets of concentrates home to classify for color later. Then on to Kingman, Arizona and Route 66 US 40 east. We are east bound on Route 66 now!

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The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

The Mother Road – US 66

Page Three

US66 is 2,400 miles long from Lake Michigan to The Pacific Ocean.

Formations above and below on Route 666 to the North off Route 66 toward Shiprock, New Mexico. Then we go northeast toward the four corners monument.

The Four Corners National Survey Monument Marker below.

Stand in 4 states: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah all at the same time!

Falling rocks with steep up and down grades on this several hundred mile 2 lane north canyon route.

Goats and cattle roam free and can cross the roads so use caution.

Approaching Canyon Lands National Park.

Canyonlands, Utah at the Hite Marina Recreation Area. The camping area in this image was completely underwater last visit.

The Hite Colorado river crossing was fast, blue and deep here last visit. It is muddy, slow and very shallow at this time.

Fred and Barneys main street!

Forest fire area on I-70 west.

BB2’s first visit to Nevada this trip was at the four corners national monument.

The open air covered Fremont Street Experience. 100+ degree August desert heat and the whole area is air conditioned.

We ate at the Fremont Casino buffet, a real international seven country menu treat.

We were burnt out on sandwiches, drive throughs and continental “cardboard” breakfast. Bagels, hard rolls, sour dough, hoagies, what the hell is that stuff anyway, hey…….. wheres our New Orleans French bread, Beignets, French toast etc? What?? No Chickory……….

The Worlds largest gold nugget! We stopped by the Golden Nugget Casino to see it.

The 61 pound 11 ounce Hand Of Faith nugget revolves in the display case.

The Treasure Island casino above and others below we saw as we cruised the strip out of town!

The Mirage Casino and Hotel.

Caesars Palace and Hotel.

New York, New York Casino and Hotel.

The Luxor

Approaching the Lake Mead National Recreation area just out of Las Vegas and then on to the Colorado River crossing at the Hoover Dam.

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