GS Suzuki Motorcycle Gallery Page 4 by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Gallery Page 4

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

Images of dozens of GS Suzuki’s I have built.

For Andy in red: Said he was going to chop the tree down on me, no red light either!

(above) 18 inch slick on a Kosman WM12, My First GS1100 Pro Drag Bike

Kosman Built Stock Frame, McCreary 15 inch car slick, First GS1150 Head I Pro Ported, I ran four 8.60’s with 38 Mikuni Dirt Bike Carbs and sold the top end off the motor at the track the first day. 1985

Additional manometers are for velocity measurements

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Third Annual Bike New Orleans Ride 5-19-02

Annual Bike New Orleans Ride Images 5-19-02

Images on this 4th page of 4 are from Sunday Ride Day:

Yea!!!!! We cross the finish line 25 miles later coming in on Marconi drive from the north, we left going south here exactly 3 hrs and 21 minutes earlier.

People coming in for the post ride party.

Free beer, free ice cream, and free soft drinks at the three trucks to the rear above.

Free red beans and rice by one of the rides sponsors.

Great spot for relaxing.

Free Krispy Kreme donuts.

Free vacuum packed packages of Folgers coffee!

Free apples, oranges, potato chips etc!

Free Blue Bunny Ice Cream!

Part of the colorful entertainment.

Free sodas here.

This guy was good!! He did a lot of stunts with a BMX bike, jumping bikes and people too!

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