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Gator Bayou Boat Plans

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12 Ft Pirogue Plans and Instructions $45.00

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14 Ft Pirogue Plans and Instructions $45.00

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16 ft Swamp, Open Water Duck, or Fishing Boat

Plans and Instructions $65.00

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GS Suzuki Motorcycle Gallery Page 3 by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Gallery Page 3By: Bob Bertaut RacingImages of dozens of Classic GS Suzuki’s I have built.1977 GS 550-My first GS, did have the Titans (T500) also. 73-76My first 1978 GS 1000 Skunk (Skunks: black tank & tail section with white stripes)This GS now has a 28mm Flat Slide Mikuni Carb, it does a nice burnout and goes over 60 mph! See what it evolved into: Click Here!Go To: GS Motorcycle Gallery Page 4Go To: GS Engine Mods. tekst redigeren . Photos

T Shirts Are In Stock Tees Shirt Tee Shirt

T Shirts Are In Stock!T Shirts are 100% Cotton Tees!They have a pocket in the front as well!Available in: M – L – XL – XXL – XXXLTotal cost that includes the shipping is:$20.00 total for all sizes!

Be sure to include your address and the shirt size.You can snail mail a money order for $20.00 made out to “Cash” to:650motorcycles.comP. O. Box 1048Westwego, La. joel leyden . 70096

Cushman Scooter Project, Custom Chopper, or Bobber Rigid Frames

Cushman Scooter ProjectThis bike has a 8 hp I/C (Industrial/Commercial) Briggs & Stratton and a 25 hp series torque convertor, pro ports, chromed seat springs, exhaust, chain guard, K&N air cleaner and a 24mm flat slide Mikuni Carb. Top photo is how it came in, it was done for a customer in North Carolina.The frame below, by making your own custom motor mounts is adaptable to many engine and powerplant types, Briggs & Stratton, Yamaha XS 650, Harley Davidson and many other Japanese and European twins. seo service . The rear seat post position, used by many frames with unit motors leaves lots of room for custom instalations. Including natural gas, Yanmar, Tecumseh, Kohler, Yamaha diesel, and other power plants.Return To:

Wheelie Across America’s Kurt Osburn Wheelies Through Louisiana June 1999!

Wheelie Across America

Kurt Osburn Wheelies Through Louisiana!

Me and my son Bobby saw Kurt wheelieing his custom bicycle through our state Sunday 6-6-99 on Highway US 90 on his “Wheelie Across America” Guinness World Record ride that started at the Guinness World record Museum in California and ends at the Guinness Book of Records Museum in Florida! The chase team/mechanic gave us each a beautiful hand autographed flyer as they passed us and I took the photos of his world record ride in our state! Kurt has a few organizations that hope to benefit from his record ride.

On to Florida…………

Thanks for the autographed flyers! & Good Luck!

Bob & Bobby Bertaut