Rephased Bike For Sale

277 Rephased Bike:Hi,This is my 277 rephased motorcycle. It runs great! Several people rode it at Gus’s house in Baton Rouge, La. plameco plafond . on 07/06. ( ) It is a 1981. It has 36mm Mikuni VM carbs, 2 Dyna coils for the ignition, drilled brake rotors front and rear, a fork brace, tapered bearings in the steering head, bronze swingarm bushings, the heavy duty swingarm mounting pivot bolt, a Megacycle rephased camshaft, a new clutch, Omars Hooligan exhaust system that has been ceramic coated, new tires, A Dyna voltage monitor, a Wiseco 763 piston kit, a welded crank, a new master cylinder, a braided front brake line, and a pro-ported cylinder head. The bike screams! It runs great off idle and all the way up! It spins the rear tire shifting gears! The bike has 10,320 miles on it. The engine has only several hundred miles. shoes tennis . $7,500.00! It comes with a title. SOLD!Click The Above Image:

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