The National D Day Museum, D-Day World War II, New Orleans, Louisiana

The National D Day MuseumNew Orleans, La. Our Visit 06-09-01″The National D-Day Museum celebrates the American Spirit, the teamwork, optimism, courage and sacrifice of the men and women who won World War II and promotes the exploration and expression of these values by future generations.”The image on our tickets shows our forces exiting a Higgins Landing Craft at the Normandy beaches on D Day June 6, 1944 built right here in New Orleans, La. “Full Victory — Nothing Else” General Dwight D. EisenhowerChild admission is $5.00 and adult was $7.00.Sherman TankDKW 2 stroke single cylinder motorcycle used by the German forces.HalftrackHiggins Landing CraftBobby Jr. . at the book with detailed photos of the Higgins boat assembly from the beginning to end.A brass shoe, for the steering rudder similar to local shrimp boat and other vessel rudder design. OK! The hole in these rudders is there so that the propellor shaft can be removed easily!!Torpedo BomberThree aircraft are on display, with another inside the detailed gallery passagway tour.A penny press in the gift store! 51 cents required for each! You get your penny back though!!We did one of each of the three D Day Museum souvenir penny press designs available to choose from!Some of the memorial bricks on the walkway into the museum.THE NATIONAL D-DAY MUSEUM: Click Here!

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