New Orleans Louisiana Air Show 2002

NAS New Orleans, La. Air Show 2002 Page Two:

Saturday was off and on rain, so we went Sunday and got lucky for 4 hours. It rained Sunday morning and we went in the break in the weather near noon, as we rode the shuttle bus back to our truck after the show it started raining again. Perfect timing.

AV-8B Harrier doing a vertical landing.

The vertical take off and landing: AV-8B Harrier

Heading for the start of the race with the Oreck stunt plane.

It appears above that: “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” : ) wanted to get toasted on this pass? I think they are actually there to put the grass fires out……and perhaps each other! : )

The dual jet engine fire truck won the drag race with the airplane.

The Oracle Bi-plane pilot clipped three of these banners with his wings. He has rotated 90? after cutting banner #3 in this image!

The Blue Angel C-130 Support plane on the short runway solid fuel take off bottles.

Take off and climb like a homesick angel…………….

The Navy Blue Angels on opening take off.

Hornet going vertical display.

Two aircraft above!

Quick Time Air Show Movie Clip:

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All Photos Copyright 2002 By: Bob Bertaut Sr.

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