Bassmaster Fishing Tournament in Bayou Segnette State Park, Westwego, Louisiana

Bayou Segnette Bassmaster Fishing Tournament October 1998Bayou Segnette is a State Park located in Westwego, Louisiana just across the Mississippi River and a few miles from New Orleans. I took these photos today, Friday 10-16-98. This huge wooded Cypress Park and Wetlands is located only 1.8 miles from the Bertaut Sports Office! Almost every pair of anglers (Pro with new Partner) that came to the weigh-in stage stated they got 50-80 keeper fish over the 12 inch minimum today alone. The officials record the top 5 fish total weight, and they also weigh big individual fish. Then the kids in the yellow hats run across the grass to the bayou with the baskets of live and flapping fish to the release vessel that has 5 live-well holding tanks. It departs and they release the fish back in different spots over the entire area. The big fish for today was caught by Mr. Gary Alverson, it weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces! Big fish #2 was 4 pounds 13 ounces, and big fish #3 was also caught by a smiling Mr. Alverson at 4 pounds 7 ounces. The fish are in the photos below. translation . Mr. Kenyon Hill is the tournament leader with a 14 pound 7 ounce total today that gives him a 48 pound 6 ounce tournament total so far! Final day updated tomorrow! **UPDATE** Kenyon Hill won his first Bassmaster Title and $100,000 in the K-Mart Top 150 Tournament Today 10-17-98!The Crowd arrives for the 3:00 pm daily weigh-in!The yellow hatted live fish return runners and less than half of the large local crowd that just kept coming!Anticipation is high as Bass Pro’s begin to line up with bags of live fish!Mr. Gary Alversons live 4 pound, 14 ounce Largemouth Bass!Another 4 pound 7 ounce beauty!The biggest fish was removed from the remaining 4 nice fish in this basket, all are released.Daily results are posted on the board by angler and state!The live well Bass release boat with fish delivery kids coming and going!Return To: Louisiana Fishing Magazine

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