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I cruise around on a Yamaha XS 763 cc Twin Piston kitted bike, it has 36mm Mikuni carbs, a Web Camshafts cam, ceramic coated exhaust pipes and Pro-Ported head. I also cruise around on a Suzuki GS1200 Piston kitted bike, welded crank, trick clutch basket, it has 38mm RS Mikuni carbs, Pro-Ported head work, Megacycle camshafts, and a Ceramic coated header. They both scream and run great!

One weekend you will find me in Florida, and the next in Texas! We just got hit by Hurricane Gustav, and then Hurricane Ike hit south west Louisiana and mainly in Galveston-Houston Texas! I used to go cruise over to the Mississippi gulf coast, but it is all wiped out from Hurricane Katrina now. Too bad for everyone over there, and in Texas. It is hot here pretty much all the time, I live south of New Orleans, La. We don’t ever get snow. The Hurricane hit real hard around here too. We got lucky on the west bank of the river, it did not flood here.

It is great fun when you are riding on the bike, the wind is in your face and you have a lot of time to just think. Sometimes my friend rides along on his bike, but some times I go by myself. Not to mention that it is cheaper than filling up a car with gas. He.. He…..

I love fishing too, see me with the big redffish in the image above. We (me and my son) (yes I am a single dad, raising my son by myself 17 years) go fishing at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, at Port Fourchon Public beach, and in Grand Isle, La. You can drive on to the beach area for 2 miles at Port Fourchon, La. and it is free. We go down there all the time. We get trout in the summer months and big bull redfish in the winter months. We really have a blast down there.

I am interested in Fishing, Motorcycles, Wood Boats, Treasure Hunting, Flying Saucers, Star Trek, WWE Wrestling, Beatles, Elvis, Cold Play, and other things!


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