16 ft Boat

Gator Bayou Boats16 Ft. design barbeque . Swamp, Duck, Open Water, or Fishing Boat12-16 ft overall lengthTransom angle marked by the foot starting at 12 ft on boat side plan so this boat can be built from 12ft to 16ft long.Transom width easily made wider or narrow!16 inch transom heightstandard transom plan is 46 inches wide at top16 inch sides at rear, 20 inches at bow34 to 40 inch width at bottom, you spread the center bottom width 3 inches wider than the transom width you choose for the rear.You can add a half or full deck if desired.Fast with a 25 HP Outboard, some put a Briggs inboard and a stump jumper prop lower unit, or a Go Devil.12 / 16 Ft. Plans $65.00 + $5.00 Priority Mail ShippingActual Full Size Plans!12 / 16 Ft. Plans $65.00 + $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

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