Bobby Bertauts Pokemon, Fishing Photos, Gateway To The West, The St. Louis Arch, Wood Boat Show

Welcome To: Bobby’s Web Page!

Pictures from my trip out west this summer 2002: Click Here!

Some of my fishing pictures are down below:

I rode the entire Bike New Orleans 25 mile City Tour! Click Here!

My 4th grade class Audubon Zoo field trip: Click Here!

My Trip To The Top Of The Saint Louis Arch: Click Here!

You can design and keep a small wood boat at the annual Madisonville Wood Boat Show because of some great people, to see mine: Click Here!

To see my Pokemon drawings: Click Here!

Redfish I caught at the beach this summer!

I catch Speckled Trout at the beach all summer, this is the biggest one so far!

State Record Gafftop Sail Catfish I caught!

Spanish Mackerel

We have some free marine life coloring book pages you can print out if you have a printer: Click Here!

If you want to talk to me about fishing or where I catch these nice fish click the link below and e-mail me at:

**** [email protected] ****

I made this light saber with photo shop 5.0.

Lots of pictures of me and my dad fishing in our internet fishing magazine:

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