Motorcycle Gallery, NINJA, GSXR, R1, CBR, ZX9, ZX7, FZR, GPZ, FJ, by Bob Bertaut Racing

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GSXR, Bandit, ZRX, Hyabusa, Ninja, R1, ZX9, ZX7, CBR, FZR, GPZ, FJ

Page 2: Bertaut Racing

GSXR 1100 W with chrome, custom paint, seats, and polished.

ZX9, polished, stretched, chrome wheels, and second look seat covers.

ZX7, chrome, polished, stretched, piston & jet kits and custom paint.

GSXR 1100, polished, Wiseco pistons, ported head, stretched.

Stretched, custom paint and upholstery, GPZ Model Ninja

GSXR 1988 stretched with late model wheels, 1127+, & air shifter!

FJ 1100 Yamaha with CR Smoothbores and custom paint.

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