GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Camshaft Specifications by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Camshaft Specifications

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

The chart below shows actual in the engine camshaft lift and duration comparisons of Cam Motion Racing Camshafts, Stock Suzuki Camshaft Specifications and other aftermarket cams. Also shown is the effect of base circle size. I did many Camshaft profiles for Cam Motions new original line of GS Suzuki 16 valve Cams, Kip made the computer models and ground them, I did the actual dial indicator and degree wheel “thousandths of an inch per degree of crank rotation” measurements to check duration and opening and closing velocity rates. These cams are not old fashioned “symetrical” designs, they open the valves faster than they close the valves, this provides more open area to move mixture into and out of the cylinders and both these rates are quicker than anything else available.

Cam Motion Racing Cams 225-926-6110

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Papa Dons BBQ Sauce and Tasty Seasoning, Spices, Herbs, and Barbeque

Papa Dons BBQ and Seasoning

“Once You Try It You’ll Be Hooked”!

With his gift in preparing and seasoning foods, Chef Papa Don is excited to share his incredibly robust BBQ sauce with you.

  • A Wonder to Work with while grilling
  • The Best Sloppy Joe’s Ever
  • Great As A Dip For Your Hors D’oeuvres
  • Tantalizing Meat Loaf
  • A Tasty Marinade
  • 18 oz. Bottle Shown (1lb 2oz)
  • Dig In And Enjoy!!

Our All Purpose Seasoning Is Great On Meats and Vegetables!

“Like No Other”!

A master in his field, Chef Papa Don has created the perfect blend to compliment and enhance the food you are preparing! So versatile it can be used in almost any food! Amazing on all Roast, Steaks, Pork, Fowl, Game and Seafood.

    • Super on All Vegetables
    • A Must In Soups, Gravies & Sauces
    • Ad A New Twist To Your Rice Pilaf
    • Best Bloody Mary’s You Ever Had
    • Scrambled Eggs and Potatoes! Oh Yes!
    • 8.5 oz Bottle Shown (238g)

Now that you’ve spiced up your life, you’ll never cook without Papa Don’s Seasoning again!!!

Please contact us for more product information:

Sales Rep: Donald Sundby Jr. 414-333-3899

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The National D Day Museum, D-Day World War II, New Orleans, Louisiana

The National D Day MuseumNew Orleans, La. Our Visit 06-09-01″The National D-Day Museum celebrates the American Spirit, the teamwork, optimism, courage and sacrifice of the men and women who won World War II and promotes the exploration and expression of these values by future generations.”The image on our tickets shows our forces exiting a Higgins Landing Craft at the Normandy beaches on D Day June 6, 1944 built right here in New Orleans, La. “Full Victory — Nothing Else” General Dwight D. EisenhowerChild admission is $5.00 and adult was $7.00.Sherman TankDKW 2 stroke single cylinder motorcycle used by the German forces.HalftrackHiggins Landing CraftBobby Jr. . at the book with detailed photos of the Higgins boat assembly from the beginning to end.A brass shoe, for the steering rudder similar to local shrimp boat and other vessel rudder design. OK! The hole in these rudders is there so that the propellor shaft can be removed easily!!Torpedo BomberThree aircraft are on display, with another inside the detailed gallery passagway tour.A penny press in the gift store! 51 cents required for each! You get your penny back though!!We did one of each of the three D Day Museum souvenir penny press designs available to choose from!Some of the memorial bricks on the walkway into the museum.THE NATIONAL D-DAY MUSEUM: Click Here!

Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Hoover Dam, Route US 66, four corners, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada

Pictures from my trip out west this summer 2002:On the roadside at old Historic Route US 66 in Oklahoma.At an Army surplus on Route 66 in Yukon, Oklahoma.We rode our bikes out to see the 10 Cadillac art display at the Cadilac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas.The Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New MexicoFamous old Route 66 bridge in New Mexico.At the four corners National Monument, you can stand in 4 States at one time. finance translation services . Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.The awesome Hoover Dam and Colorado River.Bedrock road in Canyonlands, Utah.At the Nevada welcome sign.The largest Gold Nugget in the world is on display in Las Vegas, Nevada. . 61 pounds!Prospecting in Arizona.Me on the rim of Meteor Crater in Arizona!The Painted Desert behind me in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona.Back To: The Mother Road:

Mikuni VM 36mm Carburetors, Cable, Air Filters and Parts

Mikuni VM 36mm Carburetors, Cable and Air Filters

Mikuni 36 mm VM Carbs, Cable, and Air Filters:

XS650 Mikuni 36mm VM Carbs, 2 into 1 Cable, and Air Filters. (new special custom cable works with the stock throttle assembly on 1976 up and some other models/years) Complete Pre-jetted Carb Set Kit Ready To Bolt On Your Stock or Modified XS 650 and other 4 stroke twins: $395.00

We have sold dozens of these carb sets all over the world.

Click the above link to see and hear a stock motor go to over 8,000 rpm in a couple gears with VM carbs a Mac Pipe and cruiser 18T X 32T gearing!

Complete Mikuni VM 36mm Carb Kit: $395.00

How To Sync. Mikuni Carbs:

E-mail For Info: Click Here!

Our stock motored XS cruiser with Mikuni VM Carbs near Orange, Texas.

Our stock motored XS cruiser with Mikuni VM Carbs in Florida.

We have lots of fun miles on this bike with VM Mikuni Carbs.

XS650 Cycle Links, Images & Info: Click Here!

Wings Collectors Album Of Modern American Airplanes B

Album Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series “B”

Album “B” is the second of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed individually with Wings cigarette packs. 1940 – 1942

The Story Of the 2 albums and how they were filled: WINGS!

1 Album “B” Cover

2 Introduction Wings Of Destiny Radio Program

3 Piper Cub Trainer, Ercoupe 415C, Aeronca Chief

4 Stinson Reliant, Timm Trainer, Bellanca Cruisair

5 Gwinn Aircar, Monocoupe Zephyr, Cessna Twin

6 Grumman Widgeon, Lockheed Lodestar, Curtiss Transport

7 Three Primary Trainers

8 Combat Trainer, Two US Army Pursuit Ships

9 Interceptor, Pursuit Interceptor, Attack Aircraft

10 Heavy Bomber, Dive-Bomber, Observation Scout

11 Fighter, Advanced Trainer, Reconnaissance

12 Heavy Bomber, Torpedo Bomber, Bomber

13 Communication, Fighter, Heavy Bomber

14 Bomber, Light Bomber, Bomber

15 Fighter, Bomber, Fighter

16 Long Range Bomber, Flying Boat, Flying Boat

17 Transport, Transport, Airliner

18 Trainer, Trainer, Seaplane

19 Transport, Fighter

20 Back Cover Wing Logo-Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation

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Kinetic Sculptures, Kinetic Art, Artist, Art Works, Sculpture, Fine Art

Kinetic Sculptures

New Orleans native Bryan Mavor builds kinetic polished aluminum sculptures which spin gently on ambient air currents. His roots in metal work range from custom motorcycle and sport yacht building to prototype aluminum hovercraft fabrication for the aerospace industry. Compelled to realize his own ideas in metal, he began his designs in 1984. A passion for sailing fueled his interest in sculpture moved by air currents.

A typical sculpture begins with a series of “design doodles” which suggest the structure and its movement. These doodles evolve into mechanical drawings, and for the larger pieces, small scale mockups. The pieces range in size from tabletop scale to over-life-sized pieces suitable for large spaces or outdoor installation. Mavor has exhibited for many years at Hall-Barnett Gallery, and currently exhibits at A Gallery In The Woods in New Orleans. His work is widely collected in New Orleans and the US.

Top Left: “Blue Fish” 1993 24″H x 24″W $2000.00

Top Right: “An Opposite Attraction” 1993 7′ H $7500.00

Center Left: “Atahualpa” 1994 21″H x 14″W $1200.00

Lower Right: “Echo” 1992 22″H $2100.00

All these pieces are sold.

Gallery # 2 Click Here!

Gallery # 3 Click Here!

Gallery #4 Click Here!

Gallery #5 Click Here!

Gallery #6 Click Here!

Bryan Mavor Kinetic Sculptures

Studio 504-340-1611

Bobby Bertauts Pokemon, Fishing Photos, Gateway To The West, The St. Louis Arch, Wood Boat Show

Welcome To: Bobby’s Web Page!

Pictures from my trip out west this summer 2002: Click Here!

Some of my fishing pictures are down below:

I rode the entire Bike New Orleans 25 mile City Tour! Click Here!

My 4th grade class Audubon Zoo field trip: Click Here!

My Trip To The Top Of The Saint Louis Arch: Click Here!

You can design and keep a small wood boat at the annual Madisonville Wood Boat Show because of some great people, to see mine: Click Here!

To see my Pokemon drawings: Click Here!

Redfish I caught at the beach this summer!

I catch Speckled Trout at the beach all summer, this is the biggest one so far!

State Record Gafftop Sail Catfish I caught!

Spanish Mackerel

We have some free marine life coloring book pages you can print out if you have a printer: Click Here!

If you want to talk to me about fishing or where I catch these nice fish click the link below and e-mail me at:

**** [email protected] ****

I made this light saber with photo shop 5.0.

Lots of pictures of me and my dad fishing in our internet fishing magazine:

Album Of Modern American Airplanes, The Story

Albums Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series A & B 1940-1942

Color photo inserts by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co.

Album “A” is first of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed with “Wings” cigarettes that began in 1940. This is a photo time capsule of aviation history while our country was at war and a period when magnificent strides were made in aviation.

I have Album A & B, they hold 50 aircraft collector card inserts each. My grandparents had a drug store on Metairie Rd. near New Orleans, Louisiana when that expanding roadway was still a dirt road in 1942. My dad was 11-13 years old and collected all these aircraft cards from “Wings” cigarette smokers and a neighbor that visited the store. Later he worked for Eastern Airlines as a licensed aircraft mechanic at MSY, New Orleans. I remember going with my family to update aviation schools my dad attended in Miami several times and an extended stay on the west coast. I also saw Eastern Airlines Promotional Films, Authur Godfrey introducing the Constellation and watching it fly on one of the 4 twin row radial engines was my favorite. I remember the first jet (Eastern Airlines) that came to New Orleans, It flew the mayor and other dignitaries around the city one night. My dad had a pilot’s license and we flew regularly in a Luscomb 8A, (all metal) at New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

Album Photos: Series A

Album Photos: Series B

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Wings Series “A” Album Of Modern American Airplanes

Album Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series “A”

Album “A” is first of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed with Wings cigarettes. 1940-1942

The Story Of the 2 albums and how they were filled: WINGS!

1 Album Cover

2 Series Introduction

3 Pursuit Interceptor, Attack Bomber, Bomber

4 Three Pursuit Planes

5 Standard Bomber, Attack Bomber, Observation Aircraft

6 Pursuit Aircraft, Standard Trainer, Attack Bomber

7 Standard Pursuit, Attack Bomber, Fighter

8 Patrol Bomber, Patrol Bomber, Scout Bomber

9 Torpedo Bomber, Fighter, Fighter

10 Transport, Scout Bomber, Scout Bomber

11 Observation Scout, Aeronca Model LA, Cessna Airmaster

12 Dart Model G, Fairchild Model 24, Fleetwings Sea Bird

13 Beechcraft D17, Piper Cub Coupe, Rearwin Cloudster

14 Spartan Executive, Stinson Reliant, Stinson Model 105

15 Waco Model N, American Flagship, Pan American Clipper

16 Pan American Flying Cloud, TWA Skychief, United Mainliner

17 Abrams Explorer, Beechcraft Model 18, Bellanca Aircruiser

18 Douglas Model DC5, Grumman Model G-21, Seversky Amphibian

19 Inside Rear Cover, Safety Plane, Kellet Autogiro

20 Back Cover, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation

Wings Album Series “B” Click Here!

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