The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66The Mother Road – US 66Page FourUS66 is 2,400 miles long from Lake Michigan to The Pacific Ocean.Approaching the Hoover Dam from Nevada above.On the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam now.50 plus miles to the Grand Canyon west rim above.This 1939 Plymouth is located at 3,459 ft. altitude at:N 35 39.458W 114 13.147The west rim end of the Grand canyon.Recreational prospecting off of Highway 93 between Boulder and Kingman, Arizona. Past but recent water flows in the washes show where fine gold is deposited on the hard packed caliche, or false bedrock. You can break it easily with a small pick and shovel it into a bucket. The placer gold is in the fine dirt that goes through the 1/2 inch mess classifier shown on top of a 5 gallon bucket above and with the holes visible below. You leave the bigger rocks that are dumped from the classifier in a tailings pile and bring the cons (concentrates) home to wet wash and seperate the gold later.Old mill ruins.We went through Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona at Night! What a cool place this is. Many restored route 66 business places along the length of this town. Old cars, restaurants, service stations, trading post and much more. Very impressive.Be sure to listen to the Seligman oldie radio station, we discovered it on K 103.3 Fm!Route 66 going west at the beginning of Seligman, AZ.Elvis, a band and many nice items from the period at this trading post in Seligman.Sante Fe car 10 miles west of Flagstaff, Arizona at the Route 66 Harley Davidson shop off of I-40.Nice facility with movies, 3D sound displays,a massive gift shop selection, meteorites, tumbled stones, petrified wood, everything. renault distributieriem . And a refreshment / snack bar with nice restrooms.Meteor Crater is a private park that is 6 miles south of I-40 and west of Winslow, Arizona.Meteor Crater Conquered.This is the highest overlook point on the crater rim. 5,626 ft.The Famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post is located between Winslow, AZ. and Holbrook, Arizona.The Famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post Here It Is sign.The Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert areas are near Holbrook, Arizona.Petrified wood and colorful desert.Petrified wood log in segments.The Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park.A car museum on an alignment of Route 66 through Santa Rosa, New Mexico.The Famous Blue Swallow motel on the mother road through Tucumcari, New Mexico.Spectacular Route 66 Monument on US66 at the west end of Tucumcari, NM. near I-40 west.Image above with flash, image below with natural night lighting.Please Go To: Route 66 Salvage:TheMotherRoad Page One: Click Here!

Gateway To The West In St. Louis, Missouri, Route 66, US66, Gateway Arch digital images taken at the Arch National Park

Gateway To The West In St. Louis, MissouriHistoric Route US 66The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial encompasses the Gateway Arch, and the surrounding National Park in forty square blocks of the St. Louis, Missouri waterfront that was built to commemorate the westward expansion of the United States. The winning monument design was decided by a national competition. An architect: Eero Saarinen won the achitectual competition, he said: “Neither an obelisk nor a rectangular box nor a dome seemed right on this site or for this purpose. But here, at the edge of the Mississippi River, a great arch seemed right”. The Gateway Arch, a classic weighted catenary curve, his Improbable Dream, stands here today.September, a cool Thursday morning over the Mississippi River as we approach the monument exit just ahead on I-55. Very few of the 4 million visitors per year were here on this fall weekday morning, after the busy summer season.Parking area is on the angled bank of the Mississippi RiverWhat you don’t see as you drive past the city from the interstate, the entrance to the below ground museum, Odyssey Theatre, extensive displays, and the underground entrance ways to the 40 passenger tram system where you board the 8 small passenger capsules that hold 5 people each for the 4 minute ride to the top. It is also 630 ft from the south span of the arch at the left in the image above, to the north span, beyond the entrance way.The impatient beginning of a new adventure, lets go!One of the displays with artifacts and various items, that depict the times, and the items used by prospectors, pioneers, Chinese miners, Indians, cowboys, trappers, the railroad, and other folks on their ambitious journeys out west.Built between 1963 – 1965, the Gateway Arch is 630 feet high at the top, by comparison, the tip of the Ladies Torch at The Statue of Liberty, is 305 ft at the highest point.Bobby presenting our tickets as we head down another level from the museum area to the Tram boarding area. The path is lined with elaborate displays, and detailed images of the construction of this wonder of the world. The adult and child admission fee was 10 dollars total for both of us, it also includes the National Park entrance fee.5 of the previous 40 passengers disembarking.We are in the Pod 4 minutes from the top!After passing through the metal detector area, you arrive at the 8 small, inclined loading doors that keep the close quartered five passengers per capsule horizontal throughout the entire trip to the top. We swapped cameras with the knee touching passengers in the two seats across from us, and the image of me and Bobby Jr. above was taken in the capsule by them.The arch under construction early in 1963, showing the “Creeper Derricks” that adjusted to the various outside radius changes as they rode tracks on the outside of the 1/4″ polished stainless steel plate monument on both sides until meeting at the final keyway piece placed at the top in 1965.The official marker at the top of the radius floored passenger viewing compartment at the very top center with viewing windows that face East and West.The view across the river toward the east, from 630 ft up! Out of 4 million per year, 5,500 visitors per day in the busy season ride to the top and get to share these breathtaking views!Downtown St. Louis, facing west, what a magnificent view, and national monument!Back down to board capsule #5, from the observation deck. On our return 3 minute trip to the base, the tram travels one minute faster than the ride to the top. keukens op maat . We passed this facinating place many times, never stopping to have a look at was mostly underground and in the arch: The Gateway To The West

Gold Prospecting at the Colorado River in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

Treasure Hunting America

Gold Prospecting In: El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

Someone asked if there was a place near Las Vegas, Nevada to go Gold Prospecting. So being from New Orleans, Louisiana I knew exactly where to go :)! I went to an annual auction at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas and sold some stamps and first day issue cover letters! Exactly 45 minutes after leaving the parking lot at the Trop, I was getting some classified samples in a wash along side the El Dorado Canyon!

Going southeast as you leave Las Vegas, just past Henderson and Before Boulder City take a right (south) on 95 South (the bold red line on the map to the left) You only go about 10 miles and you come to the road marked 165, it will be on your left! At that intersection is a Monument, Neveda Centennial Marker #9 That is the road that follows El Dorado Canyon through the El Dorado Mountains past the private mines on the right side of the road to the Public Recreation Area that is in green on the map to the left. There is a sign at the start of the public part. It is a long winding downhill grade from there. The road ends at a spectacular overlook at the Colorado River. Photo Below!

Toward the Colorado River from this point runs El Dorado Canyon where occured one of the biggest mining claims in Nevada history. Gold and Silver were discovered here about 1859 and soon rich mines were developed. In the 1860’s the canyon was bursting with a rowdy population of nearly 500 men, many of these said to be deserters of the civil war.

The river was navigable at that time making it possible to bring in food and supplies by boat.

Notorius for its feuds and shootings the canyon was equally well known for its three largest mines. The Techatticup, Wall Street, and Savage which yeilded five million dollars during 40 years of operations.

Read the Monument on the left!

The sand and rocky bottom of this photo is El Dorado Canyon at the end of the road where it meets the Colorado River! I saw a prospectors pickup go down the nice road from this high point, cross the canyon, and drive up a road on the angle cut rock at the lower right in this photo!

I looked for a place on the canyon (right) side of the road, in the public part where a steep downhill grade just flattened out. Then look for a low spot by a bedrock ledge and dig. I got two 5 gallon buckets of dry classified samples by shoveling into a 1/2 inch mesh classifier screen on top of the buckets. I just bring the sample buckets home. OK! I did do a 1/8 screen wet sample and panning in the bathtub of a hotel in Kingman, Arizona! I got some fine gold, and pyrite (fools gold), press it with a knife, the pyrite shatters, real gold is soft! I did not dig deep, and I saw a hundred other places to try! Especially some bedrock ledges in the above canyon photo!

Hello! Say, we have a question on El Dorado Canyon. We have a
3/4-ton 1998 Chev X-cab pickup, real long wheel base. Will we have
trouble traversing those roads going in and any trouble in turning
around, yada yada yada????????

I posted my reply for others that may have the same question, ** click here ** to see where I parked at the end of the road and the view back up the canyon road!

GS Suzuki Motorcycle Gallery

GS Suzuki Motorcycle Photo Gallery


1979/80 Suzuki Patch Says It All

The Vance & Hines GS1000 in Gulfport, Miss. that started it all, 20 years of GS Suzuki Domination.

Terry Vance in Gulfport Mississippi on the 1980-81 Suzuki With The 16 valve GS1100 Engine. Classic Terry Vance, narrow slot helmet, head turned and total concentration at the staging lights! Bike had Cone Head Carbs and a Murray “X” Pipe! Suzuki Twin Swirled The World, and 20 years later the heads still have the same Patent Number!

The VHR 18 Inch Slick GS1150 Pro Bike (Baton Rouge, La.)

Terry Vance in 1984 on the new GS 1150 drag bike on a 2′ x 3′ poster autographed to me at a Suzuki dealer show at the link:

Vance & Hines poster: Click Here!

The VHR 15 Inch Slick GS1150 Pro Bike (Baton Rouge, La.)

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Kawasaki 1500 Thunder Kit Nomad: Click Here!

Dash Me

“Dash Me”I was working as a mechanic at Hyster Forklift in New Orleans, La. and an Italian friend of my boss “Mr.Pat Horn” came by to see him as he was on leave from working offshore (mainly) and onshore in Nigeria, West Africa. His name was “Deano Pablo Vincent Martini”. He was a character to say the least. He had a heavy Italian accent, was short and stocky and he came to the USA when his submarine was captured when it surfaced in the Gulf Of Mexico and was trying to buy fuel from a local shrimp boat. Martini met his wife at Camp Plauche prison when she came to write letters home regularly to Italy for him. He asked my boss “Pat” if he knew of anyone interested in going to work on a Derrick Barge #11 mostly offshore in Nigeria, West Africa.The Hyster Forklift Shop I Worked At.I was single and in my early 20’s so I said yes! The company that I worked for was called “Oceanic Contractors” on the door of the building located in downtown New Orleans, but the company name I signed up with was called “J Ray McDermott. They are a hugh, perfectly run company worldwide. I had to go get an extensive Physical locally, a series of painfull shots for my new International Medical Record that went along with my passport. The nurse said: “take your weight of this leg” my left, and she stuck a big needle in my rear, then she said “take your weight of the other leg”, and she stuck it in my other cheek and gave me the other half! It was a “Gamma Globulin” shot. Man was I glad that was over! They also gave me some pills that I had to take everyday for a month before I left, to prevent me from catching Malaria. I had to take a pill every day when I was over there from a big pill canister located in the galley where we ate meals and we had to take them when we returned home for 3 weeks too!It took about 7 weeks to get the flight to Nigeria, they had a Military Coup and killed the leader of the Nation over there. We flew to Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris, France first and I scheduled a 2 day layover to see the city. It was a fancy airport, they had these big tubes that shuttled people in several different directions. I went to the Meridian Hotel in Paris, at the front desk I found a cab driver that spoke a little English, and the lady at the desk told him a list of all of the places that I wanted to see in French! We spent a half a day driving around to see all the sights, and I ended up at the Eiffel Tower. I chose to walk up all of the winding stairs to the big deck where you could see everything for miles around. It was great fun! The next day I was walking around a mall near the hotel, and I got some real “French Fries” at McDonalds! Later, I ran ito a blonde headed girl walking around the mall, her name was Stephanie, I started talking to her and she was a Prostitute!! She took me to a little hotel with a French Maid, that worked one of those exposed metal cage elevators that took us upstairs to our room. The room has these giant pink lips on the wall, and a bed that was shaped like a heart. They had a B-day, and a toilet, we both washed up and you can imagine the rest. Eiffel Tower ———-The Stairs I Climbed —–Line To Catch The Elevator Eiffel Tower Looking Up ——-Restaurant In The Tower —————————Tour Boats Arch De Triumph ———-Paris From Eiffel Tower—— Hotel MeridienThe next day I caught the flight that took off for Nigeria, we had to land in Acra, in Ghana, West Africa and wait until daylight to takeoff again and land in Nigeria. The airport was near Lagos, Nigeria. It was a mess, after getting off the plane, everyone had to run for the air Nigeria flight! Then, I got lucky, and caught a Widgeon airplane for McDermott that took off from land, then was going to the land in the river near the yard in Warri, Nigeria, It had pontoons and it landed in the water at the Warri, River at the J Ray McDermott yard. I was there for a few days, it was shocking, they had a motel with a rack of skeleton keys for all of the rooms, they were all the same! The view out the window was a giant pile of trash in the center yard. When it got dark all of the power in the area went out, I found out why they had a candle in the room with matches! That night, I took the mattress off the bed and put it in the foyer against the door to the room and slept on it. Twice that night someone tried to steal all of my stuff in the room but I was sleeping on the matress, they woke me up and I punched the door hard and they ran away. Glad the doors opened up to the inside! The Widgeon Aircraft ———–The Pilot Flying The Plane ——– Landing In The Warri RiverThe first time I went to the Derrick barge, I got on a Tug boat, called the “Gulf Wind” with a captain named Captain Wally Hebert. It had just come over from the United States, and on the way to the barge offshore near the country of Angola, used to be called the Belgian Congo. We got fired upon across the bow, and were stopped by a Russian gunboat, with a Cuban crew! They borded the vessel and Captain Wally had a 22 caliber pistol and they took it and left. I was seasick as a dog, stayed in my bunk and could not wait to get off! I got on Derrick Barge 11 (DB11), it was a relief or so I thought, I had to go up and down 14 flights of stairs all day unloading the tools that were sent out on the tug. We were working 18hrs a day, and it was very hard. We finished laying the pipeline to the shore and then we took off going north and then we heard that someone blew up the refinery! Working in these 3rd world toilets anything can happen! Derrick Barge 11 ————– Derrick Barge 11 In The Warri River —- In The Machine Shop in DB11One day the Nationals (local workers) all got on the tug boat the Gulf Wind and they mutinied. They got tired on the camp boss, (a Lebanese guy) serving them sacks of “Gary” (the food the locals eat) being full of Wevills. They comandeered the vessel back to the dock in Nigeria! They came back to work after it was straightened out days later. I remember going out with the tug boat Gulf Wind to pick up barges of the pipe that we layed and having to bring a big 12 volt battery and tools with me in case I needed them to start the anchor winch and get the anchor up. I rode on the front of the barge watching the Dolphins in the crystal clear blue water as they played as we moved along! Most of the barges had Hydraulic starters though. Sometimes the batteries would be gone, yep, someone paddelled all the way out their in a dugout to steal the batteries so that they could have lights in their village hut! Tugboat “Gulf Wind”— Port Of New Orleans — Captain Wally Hebert In The Kacki ClothesThere was a medic on board DB11, he had a small portable house up under the heliport. He had giant bottles of prescription drugs from overseas in England mostly. We used to get: “Cement pills” to plug you up, and “Dynamite pills” to get you going again! The camp boss and the food was cheap and inferior! They had the hairs still on slices of bacon! It was nothing like working offshore in the Gulf Of Mexico, they had great food there! A guy that I worked with “Jerry” was hooked on “Darvon” pain pills. He had hundreds of them! Anything that was wrong with you he would say: “you want some Darvon”! He was always out of it. The Galley In DB11— Below Decks In DB11 — Gabriel (lathe) – Ben – (down low) Peter (left) – John (rear)The Four Guys In The Image On The Left Worked With Me All Year, They Were Great!We went back to the McDermott yard in Nigeria for 2 months to change the swing gear in the Gantry crane from steam driven, to electric driven. Their were several places that we used to go eat near Warri, one was a place that served delicious Escargo, I never thought I would enjoy snails, but they were truly delicious. Another time, we were coming back to the yard and they had a big gathering of people all walking to this place where they executed people. The policeman said, your have never seen an execution? We said no and he took out his billy club and beat all of the people out of the way and took us right up front to watch! He said no pictures and we went along with that. They shot a man and a woman that the they tied to two big poles with the Warri River in the background. They shot them both at the same time. One of them stole a watch, and the other 8 Naira (8 Naira was about 12 dollars at the time). Capital punishment is the name of the game. It was unreal. I used to say: “Today another Dollar, tonight another Naira”. nike basketball shoes . Another time I was in a cab coming back to the yard at night, it was stopped by the police (they wear camaflage clothes with AR 15’s) and I was arrested for murdering a guy at the beach. I had $112.00 dollars on me and that was how much it cost me to get out of it. If a cab driver got in a wreck, the police would take him out of the car and beat him right there on the spot. These are the most crooked people I had ever seen. Having An Execution! ——————- Dash Me, Dash Me….., —- Fishing In The Warri RiverAnother time, I went in a local bar with other engineers and when we sat down, there were instantly 4-5 girls on us all with different colored wigs, blondes, redheads etc. The were all grabbing our pants and trying to get us to go with them to a Hotel. Unreal! There was a whore house located right outside of the McDermott gate, it was called the “Block House” It was always open to visitors and there were plenty of girls there. The Block House ———————– Me In The Barge ————— My BunkI went for a truck ride to this magnificent place to go swimming, there was me, a rigger, and a welder. We cut up and split a fresh Pineapple on the ride there. All the while I was singing: “Oops there goes another rubber tree plant”! We were driving through rubber tree plantations! It was a spring that flowed fresh water that you could drink right out of the ground and it flowed into a muddy river somewhere. It was an amazing place. We met the Chief who owned the land when we were there, a real nice guy, I took his picture and I took several pictures of the place and some young locals paddeled by in a small dugout. I have a picture of me paddeling the small dugout with a piece of wood for a paddle in the crystal clear water! The Crystal Clear Spring ——- The Chief Who Owned The Land —Locals That Paddeled By Me Paddeling In The Abraca River ——- I Sunk Their Boat! —— Me After Recovering The Boat!When I was leaving, their are guys at the airport where they take your luggage away to the plane and the guy in my line says: “Dash Me” that is what many of them would say:”Dash Me, Dash Me” it means they wanted a Naira Tip or you would never see your luggage again! They say “Dash Me” everywhere in Nigeria! Hence the name of this story. After about 6 months I had to come home for a week and get my impacted wisdom teeth removed, I did it in the dentist chair and man, I was glad when it was done! When we were flying back overseas I made a listening device from a pen and a funnel shaped piece of paper so that I could listen to the movies they were playing through the arm rest without having to pay for the headphones. I just raised the arm rest up! When the jet landed an elderly Cajun Boat Captain who was sitting next to me said: “Hold on there cuz, the shit is hitting the fan”! The jet blew out a tire when we were landing and the pieces of tire were flying up near the window! The pilot leaned the plane over and we landed OK! I caught the McDermott Widgeon in Lagos (the Capital of Nigeria) to fly to an airstip in the middle of nowhere, he dropped me off and said I will be back in a couple of hours, he had to refuel the plane and do a few other things at the McDermott yard in Warri. He never came back! The 747 Swiss Air I Flew In ——————-DeGaulle Airport ——–McDermott WidgeonI found out and saw the wrecked plane later, when landing the plane in the Warri river he forgot to pump up the landing wheels that were down and when the plane landed it instantly flipped over, crashed and sunk! No one was killed Thank God, he got banged up real bad. The plane was ruined. The pilot left me out in the bush and all I had to spend the night was a sheet, a local had brought it to me, that was it. I fell asleep that night and when I woke up the sheet had moved off my face, I was under it when I went to sleep. My face was covered with all sorts of bites and welps, from mosquitoes mostly, and I know that is when I caught Malaria!!!!!! It never got to me until after I came home for good, (more on that later) the next day a British “Bristow” Chopper had picked me up to fly me offshore to a heliport near DB11 where a boat could pick me up and take me to the barge. When the Chopper took off the tail rotor flew off and the Chopper made a slow decending spiral into the Atlantic Ocean!! The pilot got out OK, the Big Gantry Crane on DB 11 picked up the very wet chopper and put it back on the heliport for later repairs I guess? Bristow Chopper ————The Door Is Open As We Go Offshore ——The Tail Rotor Came OffAfter I finished my 1 year contract, I flew to Brussels in Belgium to pick up my bonus check on the way home. An interesting town! After I got back home I fell in love with a local girl, and we were on Lakeshore Drive in New Orleans at night making out in my car and that is when I got these terrible chills, I was freezing, and shaking, then I would get red hot, sweating profusely and then I knew I had Malaria. It is not fun. They put me in Mercy Hospital and brought me 4 pills to take every 2 hours in a small white cup and I gave them the bottle of pills when I checked in! Someone at the hospital called a lawyer and told them about me I guess, because a lawyer called me when I was sitting in the hospital bed! We sued MeDermott under the “Jones” act. They gave me back the bottle of pills when I left the hospital. My 1969 Camaros ——————- My GS1100 Suzuki – Me With A Big RedfishThis 1 year contract was the most event filled, exciting trip I have ever been on!! I really did enjoy it immensely!!Robert P. Bertaut Sr.

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I cruise around on a Yamaha XS 763 cc Twin Piston kitted bike, it has 36mm Mikuni carbs, a Web Camshafts cam, ceramic coated exhaust pipes and Pro-Ported head. I also cruise around on a Suzuki GS1200 Piston kitted bike, welded crank, trick clutch basket, it has 38mm RS Mikuni carbs, Pro-Ported head work, Megacycle camshafts, and a Ceramic coated header. They both scream and run great!

One weekend you will find me in Florida, and the next in Texas! We just got hit by Hurricane Gustav, and then Hurricane Ike hit south west Louisiana and mainly in Galveston-Houston Texas! I used to go cruise over to the Mississippi gulf coast, but it is all wiped out from Hurricane Katrina now. Too bad for everyone over there, and in Texas. It is hot here pretty much all the time, I live south of New Orleans, La. We don’t ever get snow. The Hurricane hit real hard around here too. We got lucky on the west bank of the river, it did not flood here.

It is great fun when you are riding on the bike, the wind is in your face and you have a lot of time to just think. Sometimes my friend rides along on his bike, but some times I go by myself. Not to mention that it is cheaper than filling up a car with gas. He.. He…..

I love fishing too, see me with the big redffish in the image above. We (me and my son) (yes I am a single dad, raising my son by myself 17 years) go fishing at the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, at Port Fourchon Public beach, and in Grand Isle, La. You can drive on to the beach area for 2 miles at Port Fourchon, La. and it is free. We go down there all the time. We get trout in the summer months and big bull redfish in the winter months. We really have a blast down there.

I am interested in Fishing, Motorcycles, Wood Boats, Treasure Hunting, Flying Saucers, Star Trek, WWE Wrestling, Beatles, Elvis, Cold Play, and other things!


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