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Orange County Choppers Custom Bikes

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Motorcycle Gallery, NINJA, GSXR, R1, CBR, ZX9, ZX7, FZR, GPZ, FJ, by Bob Bertaut Racing

Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Honda

Bullet Bike Motorcycle Photo Gallery

GSXR, Bandit, ZRX, Hyabusa, Ninja, R1, ZX9, ZX7, CBR, FZR, GPZ, FJ

Page 2: Bertaut Racing

GSXR 1100 W with chrome, custom paint, seats, and polished.

ZX9, polished, stretched, chrome wheels, and second look seat covers.

ZX7, chrome, polished, stretched, piston & jet kits and custom paint.

GSXR 1100, polished, Wiseco pistons, ported head, stretched.

Stretched, custom paint and upholstery, GPZ Model Ninja

GSXR 1988 stretched with late model wheels, 1127+, & air shifter!

FJ 1100 Yamaha with CR Smoothbores and custom paint.

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GS Suzuki Motorcycle Gallery Page 6 by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Gallery Page 6

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

Katana GS Suzuki’s

A pair of mild to wild Kats!

This bike I built for Steve Zimmerman, there is an article with photos by Paul Garson in the Feb. 1984 Hot Bike Magazine. He discovered it in the pits at the IDBA World Finals in Gulfport. Miss. in 1984.

Riders View

Custom Paint By: Jim Johnson

Set Up For The Drags

Stock Kat with 33 Smoothbores, a Header and Air Shifter

Air Shifter Equipped Katana

More Pages of GS Engine / Head / Carb and “Trick” Pro 7 second Titanium Valves and Epoxy Ports at:

GS Engine Modification Photos

Be Sure To Visit: Roberts Katana Gallery

Hot Bike Magazine: Reprint Article

Michigan Classic Muscle Bike Association

Sculptures, Artist, Kinetic, Art, Kinetics, Works, Art., Polished

Art Works

“Aeron” 1990 26″H $2800.00

“Harmony” 1992 30″H $2600.00

Kinetic Art

“Deus Ex Machina” 1989 22″H $3000.00

“Once In A Blue Moon” 1991 24″H $2400.00

Kinetic Sculptures

(All pieces were sold at price posted)

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Bryan Mavor Kinetic Art Sculptures

E-Mail: Bryan Mavor

Studio 504-340-1611

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Inventions / Inventors

Press Releases, New Invention Information

“Speedlox” Patented New Fitting Design: Click Here!

Wheelbarrow Volume Increaser: Click Here!

Financing Wanted: Thomas J. Shea Inventions

Aqua-Therm 2000: Heating & Cooling Blanket

Electrical Extension: Removal Device

Engine Efficiency Patent: Financial Help Wanted

Mr. Antonio Sanchez: 4 Stroke Hybrid Engine

Mr. Robest Yong: Stamping His Mark

A Robust, High-Speed Cryptosystem

Spare Your Hair! Flip Your Wig!

Patented Personal Video Monitor Marketing Firm Wanted

Imagine: Permanent Christmas Lights

Lighted, Solar Powered, Patented Mailbox: Address Finder Plus

Remove & Install Bus and Truck Differentials: “F” Clamp


Polished Aluminum Kinetic Art Please Click Here!

Lube Master Mobile Vehicle Service Trailer By: Advanced Mobile Services, Inc. Please  Click here!

“Knockdown” The Self Contained Lightweight Property Protection Fire Pump. Please Click Here!

Kinetic Art, Kinetic Sculptures, Wind, Powered, Artist, Art Works, Art.

Metal Art

“Flit” 1990 22″H x 16″W $1200.00

“Dancing With Your Demons” 24″H $2200.00

Kinetic Art

“Vendo Roho” 26″H 1990 $2400.00

“Vessel Of The Swan Maiden” 18″H 1991 $1200.00


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Bryan Mavor Kinetic Art Sculptures

E-Mail: Bryan Mavor

Studio 504-340-1611

Bikes, Bicycles, Road, Mountain, City or BMX at Bertaut.Com

comprar bijouterie por mayor . Bikes, Bicycles, Mountain, Road, City, & BMXThis is All New Independent Front Handlebar Suspension With Adjustable Spring Rates and does not Flip Over Forward On Braking or Obstacles! It Remains in Place When Lifting The Front End, and Absorbs Energy on Compression! “It is The Blue Handlebar Unit to the left with the Adjustable Orange Springs” Urethane Type Compression Springs May Be Substituted! Bob Bertaut ? 1998All Rights Reserved 1998-2007 Bertaut Racing Inc.The Color Anodized Billet Seatpost Adapters in the photo at the right were last seen at the “Bicycling Magazine” Editors Office!

Route 66, The Mother Road, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California

Historic Route 66The Mother RoadIllinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, CaliforniaDriving west from New Orleans, we access “The Mother Road” where east and west meet at Oklahoma City. legal translation . There are several Route 66 Museums in Oklahoma alone west of the city. (Elk city and Clinton). The image above and several in the following web pages I took on “the road” and at several museums on Route 66. nissan almera . Historic Route 66 is located in many segments called “alignments”. Most of Americas famous road sections run parralel north and south of Interstate 40, and actually is I-40 in many sections.Please Go To: Bobby Out West:

GS1100, GS 1100, Cylinder Head

GS 1100 Suzuki Performance Cylinder Head

I have a GS 1100 Cylinder head that was Pro-Ported by Greg Cope. I took it off a customers bike a few years ago. I do not need it anymore. I am asking $700.00 or best offer.

Street or Strip!

It comes with the Chrome Valve Cover, it has 27.5 mm Stainless Intake Valves, It has 24mm Stainless Exhaust Valves, It has Titanium Valve Retainers, It has Performance Valve Springs in it, It has Bronze Valve Guides that allow more Camshaft Lift, and It has a set of Like New Rocker Arms in it.

It has the COPE Tags on each end of the Cylinder Head.

E-mail Me At: [email protected]

E-mail Me At: [email protected]

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