Gold Prospecting at the Colorado River in El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

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Gold Prospecting In: El Dorado Canyon, Nevada

Someone asked if there was a place near Las Vegas, Nevada to go Gold Prospecting. So being from New Orleans, Louisiana I knew exactly where to go :)! I went to an annual auction at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas and sold some stamps and first day issue cover letters! Exactly 45 minutes after leaving the parking lot at the Trop, I was getting some classified samples in a wash along side the El Dorado Canyon!

Going southeast as you leave Las Vegas, just past Henderson and Before Boulder City take a right (south) on 95 South (the bold red line on the map to the left) You only go about 10 miles and you come to the road marked 165, it will be on your left! At that intersection is a Monument, Neveda Centennial Marker #9 That is the road that follows El Dorado Canyon through the El Dorado Mountains past the private mines on the right side of the road to the Public Recreation Area that is in green on the map to the left. There is a sign at the start of the public part. It is a long winding downhill grade from there. The road ends at a spectacular overlook at the Colorado River. Photo Below!

Toward the Colorado River from this point runs El Dorado Canyon where occured one of the biggest mining claims in Nevada history. Gold and Silver were discovered here about 1859 and soon rich mines were developed. In the 1860’s the canyon was bursting with a rowdy population of nearly 500 men, many of these said to be deserters of the civil war.

The river was navigable at that time making it possible to bring in food and supplies by boat.

Notorius for its feuds and shootings the canyon was equally well known for its three largest mines. The Techatticup, Wall Street, and Savage which yeilded five million dollars during 40 years of operations.

Read the Monument on the left!

The sand and rocky bottom of this photo is El Dorado Canyon at the end of the road where it meets the Colorado River! I saw a prospectors pickup go down the nice road from this high point, cross the canyon, and drive up a road on the angle cut rock at the lower right in this photo!

I looked for a place on the canyon (right) side of the road, in the public part where a steep downhill grade just flattened out. Then look for a low spot by a bedrock ledge and dig. I got two 5 gallon buckets of dry classified samples by shoveling into a 1/2 inch mesh classifier screen on top of the buckets. I just bring the sample buckets home. OK! I did do a 1/8 screen wet sample and panning in the bathtub of a hotel in Kingman, Arizona! I got some fine gold, and pyrite (fools gold), press it with a knife, the pyrite shatters, real gold is soft! I did not dig deep, and I saw a hundred other places to try! Especially some bedrock ledges in the above canyon photo!

Hello! Say, we have a question on El Dorado Canyon. We have a
3/4-ton 1998 Chev X-cab pickup, real long wheel base. Will we have
trouble traversing those roads going in and any trouble in turning
around, yada yada yada????????

I posted my reply for others that may have the same question, ** click here ** to see where I parked at the end of the road and the view back up the canyon road!

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