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Wood Pirogue, Hunting, Fishing and Swamp Boat Plans!

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Thousands of these classic boats, the traditional wood pirogue, have been built by Cajun French

Master builder Mr. Edmond Duet and his family along the Louisiana Bayou’s since 1929!

12 ft & 14 ft Full Size Plans (before photo)

Completed 14ft Pirogue (After Photo)

12 ft Pirogue Plans cost: $40.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.

Plans are now on 3 ft. wide, thick, sturdy brown paper shipped rolled up with assembly photo directions, scarf joint, text directions, and support contact information inside! You trace 6 easy patterns directly to wood! 1/4″ Pine, Birch, or Fir will do nicely. 3/8 inch recomended for bottom. “Scarf Joint” plywood sheet joining instructions included too. Long wood strips between the inside bottom and the sides are called “chines”. They, and the seats are cut from a 1X8 board. The bow stems are cut from a short piece or scrap 2X4. Boats shown are pine/fir with stainless ring nails! Build her with brass fittings and a rich wood finish or simple ring nails and a color paint job. A detailed boat you will be proud of!

12 Ft Pirogue

12 ft overall length

Both pirogues have 2 bench seats, you can trim her out with your own custom seats if desired. Bow and Stern Stems are stiched during assembly only. Fiberglass work OK but is NOT required! You can easily make her a square back with a transom added and a wider bottom!

14 Ft Pirogue

14 ft overall length
34 inch beam amidships
11.5 inch sides
2 bench seats

14 ft Pirogue Plans cost: $45.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.

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12ft / 16ft Swamp, Fishing or Mud Boat: Click Here!

Special Price! $100.00 For All Three Sets Of Plans!

Dan Fitzpatricks boat built from our plans! Photos!

Watch The Video: Click Here!

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