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A Recirculating Sluice For Gold.I drilled a 2 1/2 in hole in the tub for an elbow.I inserted this elbow and glued the fitting in with the glue shown.I bought two 500 gpm pumps, mounted them on an old aluminum pot that I drilled full of holes, and on the sides.It goes to the bottom of the bucket. venta de maquillaje caballito . vivero delivery . They pump great with standard 3/4 inch heater hose!This keeps them out of the sludge at the bottom.It is smooth on the inside of the hoses, the bilge pump hoses did not work at all,they eat up the flow because of all the ridges in the hoses!RULE 500 GPH BOAT BILGE PUMPS – 3/4″DISCHARGE – 12VDC $22.95 each.The ten inch pipe nipple was $1.20.The 2 inch elbow and the fitting I glued into it was $2.40.The can of glue was $4.20.The 3/4 inch heater hose was .98 cents per foot at the auto parts. 5 ft.I had the Keene sluice, the battery, the pot, the screen, and the tub!I also used “Clay Gone” $8.95 per bottle, it works great!$67.65 total price.You can view it in action here: Gold Recirculating Sluice!With the pumps in the bottom of the bucket, I have a piece of window screen over the returning water,it stops all of the trash clogging up the pumps!This is a 12 volt dc motorcycle battery.This is a ten inch 1/2 inch pipe nipple I drilled full of 5/16″ holes.This is the bucket of concentrates I brought back from Arizona to New Orleans, La.This is the gold I got from the bucket!!!! I got several nice pickers too!!!!!!

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