GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Camshaft Specifications by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Camshaft Specifications

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

The chart below shows actual in the engine camshaft lift and duration comparisons of Cam Motion Racing Camshafts, Stock Suzuki Camshaft Specifications and other aftermarket cams. Also shown is the effect of base circle size. I did many Camshaft profiles for Cam Motions new original line of GS Suzuki 16 valve Cams, Kip made the computer models and ground them, I did the actual dial indicator and degree wheel “thousandths of an inch per degree of crank rotation” measurements to check duration and opening and closing velocity rates. These cams are not old fashioned “symetrical” designs, they open the valves faster than they close the valves, this provides more open area to move mixture into and out of the cylinders and both these rates are quicker than anything else available.

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