GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Modification Gallery by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Engine Photo Galleryby Bob Bertaut RacingLightened Rotor (charging system)Knife Edge Lightened GS1100 Crank With Katana RodsPro Ported GS1150 Intake PortView From Cumbustion ChamberGS1100 Pro Head #228 with GS1000 7mm Titanium ValvesGS1000 (2valve) intake guides I modified and installedPro Race Only Epoxy Filled Intake Port. comprar arboles . panasonic powertools . Port retains the Pro “D” shape and is made smaller, flow remains near the same (over 130CFM at 10 inches of water) but the velocity goes to the moon! You then adjust camshaft timing to take advantage of this ram tuning by spreading the lobe centers apart more. 113-116 degrees! These engines get over 100% volumetric efficiency. The flat port floor gives the port short side radius more area and it thinks it is as long as the long side. Flow and velocity go straight up.Angle Milling a GS1150 Cylinder HeadIgnition I made for a 1425cc street bike. Pushing the red lever forward retards the slotted ignition timing plate 20 degrees for starting. When the motor starts you pull it back and it snaps into the notch in the top ignition cover photo. Shouldered allen mounting bolts and springs hold the plate against the cases.38+ mm Pro Mikuni Dirt Bike Carbs, I epoxied the orifices in the intake venturi to help the flow and just drilled holes to get air from the outside of the intake bells.Additional manometers on wall are for velocity measurements.Flat Slide Mikuni Race carbs first appeared on the production RM series Suzuki dirt bikes. I had a set as soon as the part number was available from Suzuki. These I moved the fuel inlets on.GSXR Head with 5mm GS 1100 Bronze Valve Guides and Oversize Titanium Valves and Retainers set up for a GS1100 engine.Above Pro GSXR head Installed on a GS1100 Engine.More Engine Modification PhotosGS 16V Camshaft SpecificationsReturn To: Bertaut Racing Page 1Go To: GS Motorcycle Photos

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