GS Suzuki Motorcycle Engine Modification Photo Gallery Number 2 by Bob Bertaut Racing

GS Suzuki Engine Photo Gallery 2

By: Bob Bertaut Racing

1150 Pro Motor I assembled for a customer in Curacao, NA while staying in the islands with my drag bike for a race. I also raced at a drag strip in Aruba.

I wanted a 1 7/8 inch primary pipe 4 into 1 so I had to build it myself!

Aluminum cam shift drum actuator I made from a GS1100 Valve Cover Tachometer Drive Housing. It has an o-ring groove machined in it already.

GS1000 Katana 14 amp charging system rotor and stator windings on the left in this photo. Much better for crank end, starter clutch life, and a quicker reving motor than the big heavy 18 amp stock Alternator.

Removing this cast webing from the bottom of GS 16 valve cases allows bent shift forks to be changed between rounds, it eliminates removing motors and splitting cases. It is called a “Trap Door” modification.

Rear facing oil pickups and 1st-2nd and 3rd-4th shift forks easily accessible through trap door modification.

12 Oversize 8mm crankcase studs strenghten the bottom end down the centerline of the crank, as do the 12 10mm oversize cylinder and head top end studs.

3 clamps are used to compress the Belville washer when installing a HD clutch backing plate and primary spring kit. All 3 stainless rivets are tack welded and then the clamps are removed for final welding.

I made a 650 cc kit for this GS550 with CB 750 Honda sleeves, 650 kaw pistons and a sectioned GS750 head gasket. Smaller motors have a higher pitched exhaust so I built a special hand switched exhaust baffle lever assembly.

3 Air Shifters, every time you shift a bike with a push button air shifter you put a few bike lengths on the opponent without one.

Excellent white one sided cardboard for air box templates etc. is available on election nights!

GS Camshaft Specifications

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