GS Suzuki Motorcycle Gallery Page 5 by Bob Bertaut Racing

proveedor factura electrnica . homes austin tx . GS Suzuki Gallery Page 5By: Bob Bertaut RacingImages of dozens of GS Suzuki’s I have built.Me and my friend Dave DiLeo had a lot of fun racing GS1000’s! (skunks)My Pro race circuit pit crewman Perry DuFour’s GS1000A GS1000 S modelMe and my GS at a race in Curacao, NA.Trying out a Mickey Thompson rear tireMy first GS1000 Skunk, I had white plastic I cut neatly from a bleach bottle behind the side emblems too.I have this Factory Original Blue Paint 1981 GS1100 for sale, will build to suit! Can build it mild to wild, whatever you want. Sold!Go To: GS Photo Gallery Page 6More Pages of GS Engine / Head / Carb and “Trick” Pro 7 Second Titanium Valves and Epoxy Ports at:GS Engine Modification PhotosReturn To: GS Bertaut Racing Gallery

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