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Kinetic Sculptures

New Orleans native Bryan Mavor builds kinetic polished aluminum sculptures which spin gently on ambient air currents. His roots in metal work range from custom motorcycle and sport yacht building to prototype aluminum hovercraft fabrication for the aerospace industry. Compelled to realize his own ideas in metal, he began his designs in 1984. A passion for sailing fueled his interest in sculpture moved by air currents.

A typical sculpture begins with a series of “design doodles” which suggest the structure and its movement. These doodles evolve into mechanical drawings, and for the larger pieces, small scale mockups. The pieces range in size from tabletop scale to over-life-sized pieces suitable for large spaces or outdoor installation. Mavor has exhibited for many years at Hall-Barnett Gallery, and currently exhibits at A Gallery In The Woods in New Orleans. His work is widely collected in New Orleans and the US.

Top Left: “Blue Fish” 1993 24″H x 24″W $2000.00

Top Right: “An Opposite Attraction” 1993 7′ H $7500.00

Center Left: “Atahualpa” 1994 21″H x 14″W $1200.00

Lower Right: “Echo” 1992 22″H $2100.00

All these pieces are sold.

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Bryan Mavor Kinetic Sculptures

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