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277 Rephased Bike:Hi,This is my 277 rephased motorcycle. It runs great! Several people rode it at Gus’s house in Baton Rouge, La. plameco plafond . on 07/06. ( ) It is a 1981. It has 36mm Mikuni VM carbs, 2 Dyna coils for the ignition, drilled brake rotors front and rear, a fork brace, tapered bearings in the steering head, bronze swingarm bushings, the heavy duty swingarm mounting pivot bolt, a Megacycle rephased camshaft, a new clutch, Omars Hooligan exhaust system that has been ceramic coated, new tires, A Dyna voltage monitor, a Wiseco 763 piston kit, a welded crank, a new master cylinder, a braided front brake line, and a pro-ported cylinder head. The bike screams! It runs great off idle and all the way up! It spins the rear tire shifting gears! The bike has 10,320 miles on it. The engine has only several hundred miles. shoes tennis . $7,500.00! It comes with a title. SOLD!Click The Above Image:

Dans Boat! Boat Plans, Duck Hunting, waterfowl, duck boats, Wood Boats, Boat Plans, Pirogues!

Gator Bayou BoatsDan Fitzpatrick of Memphis, Tennessee built his14 ft wood pirogue using our plans!Sanding the bow platesShaping the side panelsLeft hand fishing practice!Hi! I have a few questions concerning the construction of the 14 ft Pirogue. I do not know about down there in Louisiana but here in Memphis,Tn. the longest sheet of plywood that I can get is 10 ft. In the instructions that came with the plans it shows how to join two pieces of shorter plywood together. Also… the stainless ring nails. What is the length nail that I will need? Approximately how many will I need (1 lb?) Where can I get these? I called my local hardware store and they said they would have to order them. I would wind up with 50 lbs of stainless steel 8d nails which would cost me $130. With the exception of these questions the rest seems pretty straight forward and I can’t wait to get started. Thank You for your time, Dan===================================================Hi! Dan!! We usually use about a half pound of 1″ and a half pound of 1 1/4″ stainless ring nails.We just buy a 1 pound box of each, about $6-8 dollars a box!!! If a nail goes through we just grind/sand it flat, its stainless and these boats get painted anyway!! We get then from:***************************Robichaux’s Lumber Company in Raceland, Louisiana504-447-7035***************************We get the full size sheets of plywood at the same place! We order 14ft or 16 ft sheets of marine plywood. They should be able to ship you the nails!!! Give them a call, plywood prices vary wildly at the chain stores etc. I don’t know if they ship small amounts of plywood, give them a call and ask, who knows!!BOB!!===================================================Bob, I e-mailed you before about the plans for a 14 ft Pirogue and before I put>my order in to Robichaux’s I wanted to verify what I will need1 lb. each 1″ and 1 1/4″ stainless ring nails>16 ft marine grade plywood>1″x 8″x 16′ (for the chines) (how many boards do I need?) ****only oneboard****>3/8″x 16′ (for the bottom) ****one sheet****>1/4″x 16′ (boat sides) ****one sheet****>>Weld wood glue (how much?) ****one quart****>>I hate to be a bother but this will be the first full sized boat that I have ever built and want to make sure I do it right the first time (if possible), Dan—————————————————————————-Bob, Got the material from Robichaux’s… they are a good group of people. What I ended up ordering from them was 1/4 x 4 x 16 marine plywood, 1 x 8 x 18, 1 qt of weld wood, 1 lb.- 1/2″ stainless ring nails. Total cost so far was $132.50 for the material plus $45.60 for shipping ($178.10). renault winterbanden . Anyway, We turned up the radio and brought out the cooler and started working. we cut out the patterns and stapled them to the wood and traced them out. We cut them out using a jigsaw… probably not the quickest or the easiest but that is what I had to work with. After that we sanded everything smooth. Thanks, DanMore images of Dans boat (or yours) coming!Pieces cut out and other goodiesFitting sides and railsSanding side panels and chines squarePlywood bottom sheet used as a squareFitting bow stem“Designated Drinker” beer can balance testBottom made from setting boat on top of plywood sheet and tracing bottom OD leaving 1/2 inch oversize for sandingBow stem cut from 2X4Dans own seat designsLooking Good! Bottom not sanded flush with sides yetHull coated with sealer prior to paintingMore of Dans photos (or yours) coming!

16 ft Boat

Gator Bayou Boats16 Ft. design barbeque . Swamp, Duck, Open Water, or Fishing Boat12-16 ft overall lengthTransom angle marked by the foot starting at 12 ft on boat side plan so this boat can be built from 12ft to 16ft long.Transom width easily made wider or narrow!16 inch transom heightstandard transom plan is 46 inches wide at top16 inch sides at rear, 20 inches at bow34 to 40 inch width at bottom, you spread the center bottom width 3 inches wider than the transom width you choose for the rear.You can add a half or full deck if desired.Fast with a 25 HP Outboard, some put a Briggs inboard and a stump jumper prop lower unit, or a Go Devil.12 / 16 Ft. Plans $65.00 + $5.00 Priority Mail ShippingActual Full Size Plans!12 / 16 Ft. Plans $65.00 + $5.00 Priority Mail Shipping

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Wood Boats You Can Build

Wood Pirogue, Hunting, Fishing and Swamp Boat Plans!

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Thousands of these classic boats, the traditional wood pirogue, have been built by Cajun French

Master builder Mr. Edmond Duet and his family along the Louisiana Bayou’s since 1929!

12 ft & 14 ft Full Size Plans (before photo)

Completed 14ft Pirogue (After Photo)

12 ft Pirogue Plans cost: $40.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.

Plans are now on 3 ft. wide, thick, sturdy brown paper shipped rolled up with assembly photo directions, scarf joint, text directions, and support contact information inside! You trace 6 easy patterns directly to wood! 1/4″ Pine, Birch, or Fir will do nicely. 3/8 inch recomended for bottom. “Scarf Joint” plywood sheet joining instructions included too. Long wood strips between the inside bottom and the sides are called “chines”. They, and the seats are cut from a 1X8 board. The bow stems are cut from a short piece or scrap 2X4. Boats shown are pine/fir with stainless ring nails! Build her with brass fittings and a rich wood finish or simple ring nails and a color paint job. A detailed boat you will be proud of!

12 Ft Pirogue

12 ft overall length

Both pirogues have 2 bench seats, you can trim her out with your own custom seats if desired. Bow and Stern Stems are stiched during assembly only. Fiberglass work OK but is NOT required! You can easily make her a square back with a transom added and a wider bottom!

14 Ft Pirogue

14 ft overall length
34 inch beam amidships
11.5 inch sides
2 bench seats

14 ft Pirogue Plans cost: $45.00 plus $5.00 Priority Mail shipping.

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12ft / 16ft Swamp, Fishing or Mud Boat: Click Here!

Special Price! $100.00 For All Three Sets Of Plans!

Dan Fitzpatricks boat built from our plans! Photos!

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