NINJA, Hyabusa, ZRX, Bandit, GSXR, R1, CBR, ZX9, ZX7, FZR, GPZ, FJ, Motorcycle Gallery by Bob Bertaut Racing

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NINJA, GSXR, ZRX, Hyabusa, Bandit, R1, CBR, ZX9, ZX7, FZR, GPZ, FJ,

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Plastic Soldier ZX7 completed October 1999.

R1000, polished, stretched, chrome wheels, Micron slip on for EXUP.

CBR 900, chrome, polished, stretched, custom seats and paint.

GSXR, chrome, polished, kit, ported, stretched, and flame paint.

GSXR 8 second street/strip Turbo Shootout Bike

ZX7, chrome, polished, stretched, jet kit, pipe etc.

Polished, detailed sleeper FZR that has a stroker motor.

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