Rock Crusher

Rock Crusher for Hard Rock Prospecting SamplesThis is is a photo of a cheap rock crusher for sampling, it should cost you about $10.00 total. You can see all you do is put your rock samples in the pipe with the base, and smash them with the iron rod plunger. Then you simply dump the contents into a pan and pan them out looking for color!I made this from a piece of 2 inch steel pipe 14 inches long that is welded to a piece of scrap steel plate that is wide enough for you to put your foot on to hold it!The “ramrod” plunger is a piece of 1 1/8 inch solid steel bar welded into a longer piece of thin steel tubing for a handle. baby kado . Simple and efficient!These rocks were some samples from the “Chocolate Mountains” in the desert near Quartsite, I have some red quartz mineralized samples that are to beautiful to smash. herve leger . Be sure you don’t crush any quartz with visable gold, its worth about twice as much like that!

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