The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66

The Mother Road – US 66

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US 66 is 2,400 miles long from Lake Michigan to The Pacific Ocean.

Shamrock, TX. Edsel and Old Route 66 Motel.

The You Drop In Cafe on US66 in Shamrock, Texas

These vehicles are in Shamrock, Texas too.

This is on an alignment of Route 66 in Groom, Texas. (The office above, rooms below)

Old Court Motel rooms.

Massive new landmark near Groom, Texas located on I-40 as seen from nearby Route 66. Said to be the largest cross in the world.

The Caddilac Ranch just west of Amarrilo Texas on I-40 / Route 66

We rode our city / mountain bike hybrids out to see the 10 impressive Cadillacs.

One of several wild Coyote’s we saw on this trip in New Mexico and Arizona.

Petroglyph National Monument in New Mexico.

Historic newspapers in ancient lava rock flows.

The famous and preserved Rio Puerco US66 Bridge in New Mexico.

Nothing welded here, heavy steel, fitted drilled holes and massive rivets. Art work really.

Cruising on I 40 / US66 in New Mexico.

We chase the sun west into the night.

Our route goes to Gallup, NM. and a DETOUR off route 66 up Hwy 666 North through Indian reservations to the four corners monument. Then on to a wilderness adventure DETOUR through Canyonlands National Park to the Lake Powell recreation area in Utah. Rough country here. Then on up to the long Interstate 70 west and back down to Las Vegas , Nevada on I-15 to see the Hand Of Faith the worlds largest gold nugget. We also abandon the sandwiches and hit a Fremont Street buffet. Then back to Route 66 crossing Hoover dam, and a visit to the west rim of the Grand Canyon. We do some recreational prospecting out of public parks, and bring a few buckets of concentrates home to classify for color later. Then on to Kingman, Arizona and Route 66 US 40 east. We are east bound on Route 66 now!

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