The Mother Road US66 is Americas Main Street USA Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66The Mother Road – US 66Page FourUS66 is 2,400 miles long from Lake Michigan to The Pacific Ocean.Approaching the Hoover Dam from Nevada above.On the Arizona side of the Hoover Dam now.50 plus miles to the Grand Canyon west rim above.This 1939 Plymouth is located at 3,459 ft. altitude at:N 35 39.458W 114 13.147The west rim end of the Grand canyon.Recreational prospecting off of Highway 93 between Boulder and Kingman, Arizona. Past but recent water flows in the washes show where fine gold is deposited on the hard packed caliche, or false bedrock. You can break it easily with a small pick and shovel it into a bucket. The placer gold is in the fine dirt that goes through the 1/2 inch mess classifier shown on top of a 5 gallon bucket above and with the holes visible below. You leave the bigger rocks that are dumped from the classifier in a tailings pile and bring the cons (concentrates) home to wet wash and seperate the gold later.Old mill ruins.We went through Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona at Night! What a cool place this is. Many restored route 66 business places along the length of this town. Old cars, restaurants, service stations, trading post and much more. Very impressive.Be sure to listen to the Seligman oldie radio station, we discovered it on K 103.3 Fm!Route 66 going west at the beginning of Seligman, AZ.Elvis, a band and many nice items from the period at this trading post in Seligman.Sante Fe car 10 miles west of Flagstaff, Arizona at the Route 66 Harley Davidson shop off of I-40.Nice facility with movies, 3D sound displays,a massive gift shop selection, meteorites, tumbled stones, petrified wood, everything. renault distributieriem . And a refreshment / snack bar with nice restrooms.Meteor Crater is a private park that is 6 miles south of I-40 and west of Winslow, Arizona.Meteor Crater Conquered.This is the highest overlook point on the crater rim. 5,626 ft.The Famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post is located between Winslow, AZ. and Holbrook, Arizona.The Famous Jack Rabbit Trading Post Here It Is sign.The Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert areas are near Holbrook, Arizona.Petrified wood and colorful desert.Petrified wood log in segments.The Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest National Park.A car museum on an alignment of Route 66 through Santa Rosa, New Mexico.The Famous Blue Swallow motel on the mother road through Tucumcari, New Mexico.Spectacular Route 66 Monument on US66 at the west end of Tucumcari, NM. near I-40 west.Image above with flash, image below with natural night lighting.Please Go To: Route 66 Salvage:TheMotherRoad Page One: Click Here!

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