Wings Series “A” Album Of Modern American Airplanes

Album Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series “A”

Album “A” is first of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed with Wings cigarettes. 1940-1942

The Story Of the 2 albums and how they were filled: WINGS!

1 Album Cover

2 Series Introduction

3 Pursuit Interceptor, Attack Bomber, Bomber

4 Three Pursuit Planes

5 Standard Bomber, Attack Bomber, Observation Aircraft

6 Pursuit Aircraft, Standard Trainer, Attack Bomber

7 Standard Pursuit, Attack Bomber, Fighter

8 Patrol Bomber, Patrol Bomber, Scout Bomber

9 Torpedo Bomber, Fighter, Fighter

10 Transport, Scout Bomber, Scout Bomber

11 Observation Scout, Aeronca Model LA, Cessna Airmaster

12 Dart Model G, Fairchild Model 24, Fleetwings Sea Bird

13 Beechcraft D17, Piper Cub Coupe, Rearwin Cloudster

14 Spartan Executive, Stinson Reliant, Stinson Model 105

15 Waco Model N, American Flagship, Pan American Clipper

16 Pan American Flying Cloud, TWA Skychief, United Mainliner

17 Abrams Explorer, Beechcraft Model 18, Bellanca Aircruiser

18 Douglas Model DC5, Grumman Model G-21, Seversky Amphibian

19 Inside Rear Cover, Safety Plane, Kellet Autogiro

20 Back Cover, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation

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