Album Of Modern American Airplanes, The Story

Albums Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series A & B 1940-1942

Color photo inserts by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Co.

Album “A” is first of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed with “Wings” cigarettes that began in 1940. This is a photo time capsule of aviation history while our country was at war and a period when magnificent strides were made in aviation.

I have Album A & B, they hold 50 aircraft collector card inserts each. My grandparents had a drug store on Metairie Rd. near New Orleans, Louisiana when that expanding roadway was still a dirt road in 1942. My dad was 11-13 years old and collected all these aircraft cards from “Wings” cigarette smokers and a neighbor that visited the store. Later he worked for Eastern Airlines as a licensed aircraft mechanic at MSY, New Orleans. I remember going with my family to update aviation schools my dad attended in Miami several times and an extended stay on the west coast. I also saw Eastern Airlines Promotional Films, Authur Godfrey introducing the Constellation and watching it fly on one of the 4 twin row radial engines was my favorite. I remember the first jet (Eastern Airlines) that came to New Orleans, It flew the mayor and other dignitaries around the city one night. My dad had a pilot’s license and we flew regularly in a Luscomb 8A, (all metal) at New Orleans Lakefront Airport.

Album Photos: Series A

Album Photos: Series B

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