Wings Collectors Album Of Modern American Airplanes B

Album Of Modern American Airplanes

“Wings” Airplanes Album Series “B”

Album “B” is the second of a two album collection of color airplane inserts packed individually with Wings cigarette packs. 1940 – 1942

The Story Of the 2 albums and how they were filled: WINGS!

1 Album “B” Cover

2 Introduction Wings Of Destiny Radio Program

3 Piper Cub Trainer, Ercoupe 415C, Aeronca Chief

4 Stinson Reliant, Timm Trainer, Bellanca Cruisair

5 Gwinn Aircar, Monocoupe Zephyr, Cessna Twin

6 Grumman Widgeon, Lockheed Lodestar, Curtiss Transport

7 Three Primary Trainers

8 Combat Trainer, Two US Army Pursuit Ships

9 Interceptor, Pursuit Interceptor, Attack Aircraft

10 Heavy Bomber, Dive-Bomber, Observation Scout

11 Fighter, Advanced Trainer, Reconnaissance

12 Heavy Bomber, Torpedo Bomber, Bomber

13 Communication, Fighter, Heavy Bomber

14 Bomber, Light Bomber, Bomber

15 Fighter, Bomber, Fighter

16 Long Range Bomber, Flying Boat, Flying Boat

17 Transport, Transport, Airliner

18 Trainer, Trainer, Seaplane

19 Transport, Fighter

20 Back Cover Wing Logo-Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation

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